EU Erasmus+ Sport: Small Colaborative Partnership Project No. 613225 SOWS

Safety in Open
Water Swimming


Integral FINA (World Aquatics Federation) rules and regulations apply exclusively to FINA, or LEN (European Aquatics Federation) competitions. However, the vast majority of OWS events in the EU are not in the FINA or LEN competition system, such as recreational swimmers, where rescue interventions are much more frequent and necessary. This project refers to individual OWS activities and events focused mainly on recreational swimmers. An online manual related to safety at OWS events was created for swimmers and organizers. The manual includes swimmers who want to join OWS, but also unorganized swimming in open water, increasing thus the awareness about the necessity of improving the level of safety in OWS, updating safety measures and know-how in races that are not in FINA or LEN competition system. The link to the online manual can be found on the website of this project The manual can be freely used and shared with the reference to the source.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Manual in pdf here